Neuropathy Treatment Controversies



Finding a cure for whatever condition or illness you have is something normal for any sound-minded human being. People would even give up their riches or whatever valuables they currently have just to obtain freedom from their pathological bondage. The problem that diseases pose is something that anyone would view as a great endeavor in life—sometimes even greater than the loss of a loved one—because it may mean the loss of his or her own life. When the time comes, other people will then be in the same position as he or she is right now. What about if they would be giving up everything they have held so dearly just to end up achieving nothing? This is an issue that has been roaming around lately regarding neuropathy treatments.

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More and more people have been raising questions about what they get to obtain from neuropathy treatments. They came up with these doubts due to the stipulations in some researches and studies made regarding neuropathy treatments. They found that a complete recovery is not possible. Anyone who would go through a lot of difficult situations due to their neuropathy symptoms would definitely hope for a cure. No one suffering with such symptoms would simply be contented with having their symptoms subside without making the disease completely gone. This was the same controversy that came out when people with AIDS were given the reality that their disease could not be cured. The only thing that could be done is to delay it.

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This is certainly something that is heartbreaking. With most of patients being the breadwinner of their own families, a lot of people depend on the hope that their loved one—their brick wall, defender, provider, and mentor—may someday be healed and relieved of their condition. Some patients have even lost sight of finding a cure. Instead, they would rather spend their time doing church service or enjoy whatever they have of their life. This is certainly a sad thing that all we can do is to accept it. Stories have even come out regarding some patients starting to resort to black magic or hearsay medicines and treatments. You may start laughing when you hear the different methods given to them by these fake and faith healers. But come to think of it, don’t you think they are just doing out of something that is greater than the reason of living? Don’t you think they have become this desperate knowing that no one would take their place and look out or provide for their families?

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