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Peripheral neuropathy can be described as damage to the peripheral nerves of the body which results in obstruction of messages to the brain and the spinal cord. The peripheral nerve damage causes wrecking pain, burning, tingling and numbing sensations in the hands and feet. The neuropathic pain symptoms can be difficult to deal with and can make life a living hell. Sometimes the neuropathic pain can get so excruciating that mere walking and standing feels like an impossible task. The neuropathy evil affects almost 60% of the U.S.A citizens and once it has entered the body, it remains there either in its active painful stage or asymptomatic stage (without any symptoms).

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Peripheral neuropathy pain will not subside until the pain has been treated with some strong treatment method. Nerve support formulas for peripheral neuropathy are available in the market. But to evaluate the most effective one needs time and trial. Moreover it also needs a doctor’s evaluation. To opt for a suitable treatment option it is important to get your condition diagnosed.

Neuropathy support group presents a guaranteed nerve support formula for the sufferers of neuropathy. This nerve support formula is laced with ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce neuropathy pain to a desirable extent. Testimonials disclose that it is almost the best nerve support formula in the market.

Practically loaded with Vitamin B1 fat soluble version Benfotiamine, instead of the regular water soluble Thiamine, this nerve support formula is easily absorbed by the bloodstream and immediately converted to essential nutrients needed for nerve repair. Since this formula contains 600mg of benfotiamine, it is a fast acting nerve repair agent.

In addition to the magical benfotiamine, it also consists methylcobalamine (vitamin B12) in large doses (4000mcg) which is a key ingredient for nerve regeneration. Other nerve support formulas usually use cyanocobalamine (vitamin B12) which is less effective in promoting nerve health than methylcobalamine.

What makes this nerve support formula invaluable is its next ingredient R-alpha lipoic acid. Scientific research has proved that this substance reduces the chances of diabetic neuropathy and also causes nerve regeneration. When compared to its counterpart S-alpha lipoic acid which is more commonly found in nerve support formulas, it proved to be 12 times more effective.

A major breakthrough in the neuropathy field this nerve support treatment formula comes with a one year back money guarantee which makes it a major neuropathy treatment competitor.

Peripheral neuropathy symptoms:
Peripheral neuropathy results in intense nerve damage which can be repaired by taking supplements or seeking other treatment options but complete eradication of the disease is almost impossible. Nerve damage causes various symptoms in the body depending upon the cause and the severity of the damage.

• Burning, tingling and painful sensations in the hands and feet
• Needle like sensations in the fingers and toes
• Digestive disorders (constipation, diarrhea etc)
• Vomiting, weakness, dizziness
• Urinary incontinence
• Loss of muscle movement
• Increased or decreased sensitivity
• Difficulty sleeping

Alternative treatment options:
Along with nerve support formula, there are various treatment methods which can help to deal with neuropathy on a daily basis and reduce the negative impact of neuropathy on the body.

Dietary cautions:
Improving your diet, eating healthy, taking plenty of vitamin B and D supplements, exercising and keeping fit and keeping your blood sugar levels under check is one way of treating neuropathy pain. A weak body is unable to ward off neuropathy pain easily, but a strong one can easily fight neuropathy pain.

Quitting smoking and alcohol:
Cigarette smoke and alcohol both diminish the level of nutrients in our body and rob the nerves of their much needed food. Smoking cessations can help a person to deal with the addiction and limiting alcohol consumption can greatly alter the damaged status of the nerves.

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TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation):
Adhesive electrodes are placed on the pain area and varying frequencies of current is passed through them for nerve stimulation.

A Chinese treatment for relieving neuropathy symptoms, this treatment method will take some months before positive results are encountered.

Relaxation techniques:
These are specially neuropathy focused exercises, designed to release muscle tension and aid in reducing neuropathy symptoms.

Oral medications:
Antidepressants and anticonvulsants can be taken to deal with intense neuropathy symptoms like pain and loss of sensation which seem to be interfering with normal life routines. Although these medications give temporary relief, any pain reliever is a welcome guest for a neuropathy sufferer.

Corticosteroids injections:
Corticosteroid injections are known to give long term pain relief and improve the quality of life considerably. They can also be taken orally. But long term usage has shown dependency and serious side effects which makes it a less desirable neuropathy treatment option.

Nerve support formulas are a great treatment option if persistently used with other treatment methods. Though neuropathy nightmare is a reality difficult to cope with, chances of success can be entertained with some faith and a lot of willpower.

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