Today most people suffer from nerve pain which is also called peripheral neuropathy. When the nerve endings of the peripheral nerves are damaged, they cause intense pain in the joints and shoot excruciating pain waves throughout the hands and the feet. These pain waves are also accompanied by a burning, tingling and often times a numbing sensation in the hands and feet. The overall quality of life is seriously affected and the pain can also cause immobility and dependency in a neuropathic patient.

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Can neuropathy be healed?
Neuropathy cannot be healed but can be treated to a desirable extent if the patient has suspected it at its earliest stage. However, people who are lucky enough for not being buried under the pressure of neuropathy pain can take precautionary measures to keep the nerve pain at a protective distance. Refraining from alcohol consumption, limiting the number of cigarettes smoked in a day, keeping a tight supervision on your blood glucose levels (if you are a diabetic patient), avoiding undue exposure to toxins and metals, eating a healthy, well-balanced diet and exercising daily is a major step towards reducing the risk of getting neuropathy.

But not all people can hope for a completely disease free lifestyle. Neuropathy can occur when a person has been involved in a traumatic accident and has received serious injury to the nerve fibers, has received chemotherapy or radiation therapy, has contracted AIDS/HIV or hepatitis C or has a family history of neuropathy.

But most neuropathy cases today are the result of diabetic complications. Diabetes is the major contributor of nerve damage and is one of the most leading causes of neuropathy in the U.S.A.

Coping with neuropathy:
Neuropathy patients can undergo a variety of symptoms, the most common and prevalent being loss of sensitivity, burning, tingling and painful sensations in the hands and feet. Some patients also suffer from digestive disorders, irregular blood pressure levels and muscle weakness.

Coping with neuropathy requires absolute patience and strong willpower. Sometimes the pain can become so excruciating that the patient may be kept on opioids. Though opioid treatment is one of the most effective treatments available for treating neuropathic pain, doctors abstain from suggesting it because of the underlying fear of dependency.

Is there a hope?
Science has proved that vitamin B supplements (B1, B6 and B12) can help to correct the vitamin B levels in the blood and restore nerve health.

Benfotiamine – a blast healer:

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Benfotiamine is a fat soluble form of vitamin B1 (the liquid form being Thiamine), becoming increasingly available to the consumers to treat various health ailments. Formerly, thiamine was being used to treat neuropathy cases but there was no mass improvement recorded. Recent research shows that this was because the thiamine could not be absorbed by the blood easily and the body was facing difficulty converting thiamine in to usable supplement. Doctors used quick injections of vitamin B1 to restore health where long doses of vitamin B were required. Some of the below reasons justify why benfotiamine is better than thiamine.

Quick absorption
Benfotiamine is a major breakthrough in the scientific field. This lipid form of vitamin B1 has an open ring structure and can easily pass through the intestinal walls and make its entry in to the cell. It is there absorbed quickly and turned in to a usable form of supplement. Benfotiamine has shown staggeringly positive results where neuropathy patients have been concerned. It is twenty to twenty five times more likely to be absorbed by the bloodstream than the regular thiamine.

Helping diabetic neuropathy patients:
Benfotiamine is an excellent treatment solution for the prevalent diabetic neuropathy. Not only does it protect cells and nerve tissues but clinical results have also shown proofs of reversible neuropathy. This means that the neuropathy damage can sometimes be undone in a diabetic patient by consuming regular doses of benfotiamine.

Reducing foot pain:
People suffering from foot neuropathy have reported speedy recovery with benfotiamine supplements. Studies show that benfotiamine combined with Alpha Lipoic acid has contributed to the complete elimination of nerve pain. Benfotiamine helps to cause nerve repair and nerve regeneration. If the neuropathy condition has not surpassed to extremity, benfotiamine supplements can do the trick and kick off the foot pain entirely.

Benfotiamine is not abundantly available from natural foods. It can only be obtained from crushed garlic, shallots, onions and leeks.

Other conditions where benfotiamine supplements can help tremendously are polyneuropathy, retinopathy, nephropathy and alcoholic neuropathy.

Although benfotiamine can contribute to nerve growth and repair, it is important to consult the doctor regarding the dosage of the benfotiamine supplements. Moreover, integration of regular exercises and healthy diet plan can boost the benfotiamine function and help the body to combat with nerve pain competently.

Neuropathy is a debilitating disease which can also lead to immobility or amputation if not taken seriously. Treating it at its most initial stage can guarantee considerable success.

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